Accessing Language Lab Programs from Campus Labs

The following computer programs have been made available in general purpose campus labs: VH 2000, PL 312, CH 141, etc.

 Tutor Español 2.1
Verbos 1.0
Virtual Tape Deck
Familia Romana

Latin (Calis)
Dasher32 Paroles
Latin Grammar
Course Information Center 1.1
Composition Writer 1.2

To access the above language programs from a general purpose campus lab:

1. Click the “Start” button.
2. Move the mouse pointer to “All Programs” and click on it. This opens a submenu.
3. Click on the yellow “E.C. Lab” icon, near the top of the submenu listing.
4. Once the program appears, click the desired grey bar of the program you wish to run.
5.  If you can’t find the program look in the MyComputer for the S drive. Open the Eclab folder on the S drive and then double click on Labprog.exe.