Basics for New Users

Logging on

Once the computer has been turned on depress the Ctrl and Alt keys together and then press the Del key. You are required to enter three pieces of information on three separate lines:

1) your logon,
2) your password,
3) your domain.

Use the Tab key to move to each successive line. You should have received your logon and password from the Department Secretary. Your domain should be TRUMAN.

Changing my password

1) Depress the Ctrl and Alt keys together and then press the Del key;
2) from the options click on Change Password;
3) enter your old password and press the Tab key;
4) enter a new password and press the Tab key;
5) re-enter your new password and press the Enter key;
6) your password should now be changed.

Department Icons

On your screen you should have an icon labeled “Network Applications”, which will be your starting point to all of the Network programs.

Network Printers

We have network printers in McClain 311 and Baldwin Hall 222. All of your Windows programs can print to any of these printers (when printing click on the field to the right of the label “Name” and then click on the desired printer). Any DOS programs (ie: Word Perfect 5.1) that you run can only print to one of these printers. You will have been setup to print to one of them already, but if you wish to change or confirm which printer to print to under DOS contact Ben Ogden (#4013).

For a more in depth or individualized computer training session on your CML or English/Linguistics Computer please contact Computing Support (#5771). If you have suggestions for other pieces of information to be covered here, feel free to contact us.