Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What programs do I have on my computer?

A: The following programs are installed on all faculty computers: Microsoft Office 2010 (which includes Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, and  Powerpoint), Microsoft SharePoint 2007, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, ITunes, VLC Media Player, QuickTime, Windows Media Player, Macromedia Flash Player and Shockwave, Acrobat Reader, Smart Notebook, a virus scanner.

Q: Is there a safe location to store my documents?

A: All faculty members have a portion of a server allocated to them. This appears in your Computer icon as the drive letter “Y”. We encourage you to save your documents on your Y drive because ITS keeps backups of it. This way, if your hard drive crashes, or if you delete a file accidentally, there is a copy of your files elsewhere. Also, when you log onto a classroom computer you will have access to the Y drive and so won’t need to take your files on a flash drive.

Q: Can I check library holdings from my office?

A: Yes. Open your web browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox), and type in Click on the ‘Catalog’ tab.

Q: I prefer to use WordPerfect. Is it available on my computer?

A: WordPerfect 5.1 is available via the network. To access it, double click on the icon labeled “Network Applications.” You should see a window with a set of gray bar buttons. Look for a button labeled WordPerfect 5.1. Click it to start WordPerfect. We also have a limited number of licenses for Corel WordPerfect 8 (about 20).

Q: Who do I contact if I have a computer question not listed here?

A: Call CML and ENLG Computer Support at x5771 or x4013 if your problem concerns your office computer. For questions about external resources like Blackboard, Truview, the VPN from home, call Information Technology Services at x4544.