Network Policies

Shut down and turn your computer off at the end of each workday.

This policy began with the idea of not wasting electricity. Over the years it has become clear that any computer’s memory can become unstable, given enough time. Turning your computer off allows it to come up with a clean and stable environment at the beginning of each workday. In the past, computers would receive undue wear and tear by turning them on and off so often. Today, computers are many times more durable and resistant to the heating and cooling caused by turning them on and off each workday.

You only need to click on the Start button, select Shut Down, make sure the option selected is Shut Down, then click on OK. The computer will automatically power off once it has completed its shut down process.

Don’t forget to turn off your monitors, speakers, and printers (if you have one).

Microsoft Office, and Windows at home.

In accordance with the new agreement the University has with Microsoft, you may purchase a copy of Microsoft Office for use at home through the Microsoft Store.

Requesting help for your computer.

In accordance with the policy we have worked out with Information Technology Services, faculty should make every effort to contact one of the Computing Support Personnel in MC307 (#5771), or the Coordinator (Ben Ogden, BH 225, #4013). If we are not available, and your problem can’t wait, you should call the ITS Help Desk (#4544). They may be able to walk you through a solution over the phone. However, if the problem is more involved, the Help Desk may simply refer your call back to us.

Standard software.

Every new computer will come with a starndard package of software. This software may include any or all of the software officially supported by Information Technology Services. Other software packages can only be purchased with the authorization of the Department Chair.