Network Programs

All of the programs listed below are available from the Network Applications program found on your desktop. If you don’t see a gray bar for your program, click the “More options” gray bar to see the next 10 programs in your menu. Office/Class Applications:

  • Course information Center automates the distribution of syllabi, handouts and grade reports. All distribution is paperless and electronic.
  • Display Write is a DOS-based word processor.
  • Grader Aider is a DOS program for teachers who need to keep track of grades.
  • Microsoft Word 5.5 is an older DOS version of Microsoft Word.
  • Microsoft Works is a DOS-based suite of linked applications: word processor, spreadsheet and database.
  • PC Write is an old DOS-based word processor.
  • Textra is an old DOS-based word processor.
  • WordPerfect 5.1 is a popular DOS-based word-processing application.

Departmental Programs:

  • L&L Student Faculty Evaluations tabulates and displays the data from student-teacher evaluations (before 2007).

Foreign Language programs:

  • Checkin Reports allows foreign-language faculty to monitor the attendance of their students to the Language Lab.
  • Composition Writer 1.1 is a word processor with a multi-language spell-checker that allows the student to submit compositions electronically.
  • Examination Room 1.0 is the student interface into the Testing Center (see below). It is used to take a test in the language lab.
  • Foreign Language Chat Rooms is intended for use in the Language Lab. It allows students to converse in real-time over the network.
  • Informes para Tutor Español is a program which reports on student usage and scores from Tutor Español.
  • Informes para Verbos 1.0 is a program which reports on student usage and scores from Verbos and is used to create assignments.
  • Landeskunde PC is a German language` program.
  • Latin (Calis) is a Latin review program.
  • Latin Grammar is the Latin counterpart of the French Grammar program.
  • MicroTak German Assistant is a Windows-based German translation program.
  • Prego! quizzes students on Italian grammar, following along with the Prego! textbook.
  • Système-D is a French word processor with spell-checker.
  • Testing Center is a program that allows tests to be prepared, taken, submitted, graded, and handed back electronically.
  • Tutor Español quizzes the user on Spanish grammar and provides detailed explanations of the grammatical points that it tests.
  • Verbos quizzes the user on the conjugation of Spanish verbs.