Tutor Espanol 2.0

Tutor Español is a computer program designed to help students practice with grammar and vocabulary. To use the program, you need to login under your professor’s name, as shown in the following image:


  1. Enter your student ID number first.
  2. Enter your last name, first name.
  3. Enter your course number.
  4. Enter your section number.
  5. Click on your professor’s name. If you don’t have a professor, click Tutor Español (Open use).
  6. Select a level by clicking on it.
  7. Select a chapter by clicking on it.
  8. Select a lesson by clicking on it.

To practice with a lesson, do not check Show assignments or Review a lesson.
To do an assignment, check Show assignments , but do not check Review a lesson.
To review a lesson,  do not check Show assignments,  but do check Review a lesson.

The Clear all answers button will clear all practice questions for the selected lesson, but will  not clear assignment questions. There a certain number of practice questions for each lesson and a certain number of assignment questions for each lesson. The assignment questions are of the same type and touching on the same concepts as the practice questions, but are different.

Once you have selected your lesson/assignment to work on, you will have a screen similar to the one shown below:

The first box will contain instructions for the lesson. The second box contains the question. Notice that in the above image you see question #1 of a total of 64 questions. Between the first a second boxes you also have a clock and a volume control bar. If a question has a sound or a video associated with it, you can control the volume with this bar. Below the question box  are the keyboard combinations for your accented characters in Spanish. For example: press and hold down the Alt key and then press the a key to get the á character. The third box is where you type in your response.

When you are ready click on the Grade button. As you can see above the answer is evaluated, a score of 1.00 out of 1.00 was awarded and some comments were entered into the fourth box. The Grade button was then changed to a Next button, allowing you to review your work, and any comments, before proceeding onto the next question. Once you click the Next button, it will show you the next question and the Next button will change into a Grade button. If you don’t like using the mouse, you can press the ENTER key instead, to Grade or go to the Next question.

If you are working on practice or assignment questions, you may leave at any time, by clicking on the Quit button. The program will keep track of your work, and when you return, it will start you off where you left off.

Practice questions can be redone or cleared, but assignment questions can neither be cleared nor redone. Make certain you are ready to start the assignment. Once you have completed all the practice questions, or all of the assignment questions, the program will automatically kick you out of the lesson. At this point you will be able to review a lesson by clicking on the Review a lesson/assignment option from the Lesson menu, as shown on the next page:

Most of the lessons will have grammar explanations which you can review before you start working on the questions by clicking on the View grammar/explanations option of the Lessons menu:

If you have problems with a question or notice an error, you can report this to your instructor by using the Submit trouble report to instructor option from the Trouble menu:

Please feel free to contact me, the author of Tutor Español:

Prof. Ben Ogden
BH 237