Virtual Tape Deck

How to Play Language Tapes in the Virtual Tape Deck

  • Find the Lang Lab Applications program (gray bar menu program).
  • Click on “more options‿ until you find a program called Virtual Tape Deck. It should be the first gray bar.
  • Click on the gray bar labeled Virtual Tape Deck and login with your Banner ID Number.
  • Select the language and then the tape as seen below.

Virtual Tape Deck from a dorm room computer

If you run the Virtual Tape Deck program from a dorm room computer, you will be presented with the following screen requiring you to download the tapes to your computer’s hard drive. You will not be able to run these tapes directly off of the server. Please allow the program to “slow copy‿ the desired tapes to your computer. If needed, let the program run over night to copy all of the tapes. To select multiple tapes hold the Ctrl key down while clicking on the desired tapes. When all have been selected, click on the Copy button to start the procedure. Please bear in mind that the program will only present you with tapes you have copied. At the end of the semester, don’t forget to run the program and Delete all Tape Files from your computer as shown in the picture above.